Cohort Study

As part of the AIM PRIME Program, we are conducting a research study to analyze the evolution of science based ventures and ecosystems. By evolution, the processes involved in ideation, incubation, and commercialization of science-based ventures, essentially tracking the continuum from idea to market is what is intended.

Expectations from the Participants :

Throughout the 9 month long program, we request the participants to commit to filling out 2 questionnaires, one at the start and one at the end of the program, and participate in 3 30-min semi-structured interviews at defined timepoints in the 9 months. 

    • Questionnaire 1  
    • Participant Interview 1  (30 min)
    • Participant Interview 2  (30 min) 
    • Participant Interview 3  (30 min) 
    • Questionnaire 2  (End of program)

Documents and Forms

The questionnaire 1 survey has been sent to the participants (Restricted)

Contact Person

Your primary point of contact for any question related to the study would be Anmol Jaguste, Venture Center team. 

Email :

Research Study Conducted by Venture Center and IIM Bangalore


Research Study Supported by AIM NITI Aayog and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation under the aegis of the AIM PRIME program

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