PRIME Investor Panel

The AIM PRIME team has requested a group of investors to join the AIM PRIME effort by offering their inputs on the businesses participating in the AIM PRIME Cohort.  They shall be offering their inputs via one or more of the following means:
     — Participating in Panel Discussions
     — Contributing to Classroom Sessions
     — Contributing as invitees to mentoring sessions
     — Contributing to evaluating Project Presentations or Demo Day presentations
We thank these investors for their willingness to contribute and participate. 
The Investor Panel assembled by the AIM PRIME team comprises people with backgrounds with:
     — Angel investors
     — Angel investment networks
     — Impact investment funds
     — Venture Capital funds
     — Seed funds associated with incubators
     — Innovation funding by agencies and government
We welcome other early stage investors with an interest in deep tech startups to join this panel and contribute. Interested individuals can write to Mugdha Lele (
The following are some of the investors contributing to the AIM PRIME program (in alphabetical order of last names):

Satya Dash

ex- BIRAC, Investment Committee of Venture Center

Shruti Devasthali

Seed Fund at Venture Center

Sachin Oswal

Angel Investor

Srikant Sastri

Angel investor, IAN, Biotechnology Angel Network, Associated with NSTEDB and BIRAC

Amitabh Shrivastava

July Ventures, Ex- IAN Fund, IAN, Angel Investor

For any inquiries please email